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ASTeC - Accelerator Science and Technology Centre

Welcome to the UK's centre of expertise for accelerator science and technology

ASTeC studies all aspects of the science and technology of charged particle accelerators, ranging from large scale international and national research facilities through to specialised industrial and medical applications.

Our staff pursue world class research and development programmes on behalf of STFC and ASTeC is also a partner in the Cockcroft Institute with the Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool and Manchester. Additional collaborators include John Adams Institute, other HEIs and international Laboratories.

Latest News

  • 01 April 2016

    Physics on stage at the Big Bang Fair

    Last week Suzie Sheehy (STFC ASTeC and University of Oxford) once again took to the main stage at the Big Bang Fair at the NEC in Birmingham, co-presenting the headline show alongside TV presenter and food writer Stefan Gates and mathematician Dr. Hannah Fry (UCL)...
  • 17 September 2015

    Rutherford International Fellowship Programme - deadline 31 October 2015

    Post-doctoral fellowship scheme supporting up to 36 post-doctoral researchers to work within Science and Technology Facilities Council departments and facilities, and Diamond Light Source....
  • 08 September 2015

    POSIPOL 2015 Conference

    POSIPOL2015 International Positron Source Workshop successfully took place at the Cockcroft Institute 2-4 September 2015...

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