Designing Future X-ray FELs
02 Sep 2016



Daresbury Laboratory host X-ray FELs workshop




At the end of August, Daresbury hosted an international workshop “Designing Future X-ray FELs". This was the first such workshop of its kind and was attended by over 50 leading international scientists who create the software using the latest computer hardware to design and squeeze the best possible performance from future Free Electron Lasers. 

​Staff from the CI/ASTeC and the Hartree Centre were heavily involved, as could be expected on the site where the CLARA FEL test facility is being built. 

The Chair of the workshop, Brian McNeil of Strathclyde University, said: "There was a lot of international interest in the workshop and we managed to attract participants from as far afield as Stanford and Spring-8, to our EU colleagues at DESY, SwissFEL and many others. Many new ideas were discussed and a few collaborations started as a result of the workshop. We have had some great feedback. None of this would have been possible without the fantastic support from staff at ASTeC and the Hartree Centre who organised demonstrations of many of the design codes."

Copies of the talks can found at the workshop website


Contact: Keeley-Adamson, Michelle (STFC,DL,AST)