18 Feb 2019



Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics




ELI-NP is an ambitious project part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and will create a new European Laboratory in Magurele, Romania. When operational the laboratory will explore a broad range of science covering fundamental physics as well as nuclear and astrophysics. At the heart of the facility will be two main components: a high-intensity laser system and a very intense brilliant gamma beam. Once built, ELI-NP will be the most advanced and powerful gamma beam facility in the world. In addition to fundamental research, it is anticipated that new schemes can be developed for the management of radioactive waste and the production of medical isotopes for patient treatment; ELI-NP thus has the potential to deliver significant environmental, societal and economic impact.

STFC was approached by the ELI-NP consortium to become a partner in delivering this new European Laboratory. The project is complicated by the requirement to coordinate contributions from the relatively large number of collaborators, including leading scientific institutes (INFN, SAPIENZA University of Rome, CNRS, ALBA and STFC) and industrial collaborators (ALSYOM, COMEB, Cosylab, A.C.P. Systems, Danfysik, Instrument Technologies, Menlo Systems, Research Instruments, M&W Group and ScandiNova). The STFC has experience in involvement in similar complicated projects and following a series of international meetings a scope of work was agreed for STFC to be delivered by ASTeC and Technology Department (TD) staff at Daresbury. These activities cover project management, magnet specification, vacuum specification, and hardware procurement, engineering design and assembly and test of accelerator modules and associated power supply and control racks

The delivery of 21 modules out of the facilities total of 35 represents 60% of ELI-NP accelerator systems; this is a substantial contribution to the entire project. Significant progress has already been made in meeting agreed deliverables. Control racks are designed, procured and being assembled; vacuum system specification, design and procurement is at an advanced stage. Currently, 20 accelerator modules are in various states of assembly in the ETC, with packing in progress for the first delivery to Magurele. The equipment will be delivered to IFIN-HH Magurele in 9 AirRide trailers to mitigate the risk of damage and accelerator system misalignment. The journey is approximately 1800 miles with the route chosen through the channel tunnel to avoid loading and unloading of the vehicles onto a ferry crossing. Transport frames with custom designed spring damping will be used and monitored using shock sensors and accelerometers. The first delivery is due to be made on the 4th May 2017. Construction, testing, and delivery of modules will continue over the next two years, with final delivery expected in early 2019.

Contact: Keeley-Adamson, Michelle (STFC,DL,AST)