Greg joined Daresbury Laboratory in 1979 as a member of the EXAFS group and wrote the initial data acquisition software for EXAFS experiments conducted on the synchrotron radiation source. His research interest during this period was in the local coordination around metalloproteins.

In 1993 he became non-crystalline diffraction facility group leader and his research shifted to studying time-resolved small and wide angle X-ray diffraction of muscle and small angle scattering of proteins. His group leader role expanded in 2002 when he became college head of materials and engineering and editor for the synchrotron radiation annual report. In 2006 he also became group leader for the synchrotron radiation computing.

After the closure of the Daresbury synchrotron radiation source in 2008 Greg was appointed project manager for the New Light Source (NLS) which culminated with the production of the NLS conceptual design report.

In 2010 Greg transferred to ASTeC – Photonics and his role is now project management coordination of ASTEC programmes.

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