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(01925) 603665
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DL A30
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I arrived at Daresbury in 2000, and joined ASTeC at its inception in 2001. I have worked on projects in light sources, linear colliders, FFAGs, ERLs, and industrial linacs. My experience is primarily in transverse electron beam optics including tolerances and orbit and beam-based correction, non-linear beam dynamics, booster and storage-ring design, novel beam tuning, and optimisation strategies for accelerators and FFAGs. 

I have a wide range of knowledge in many accelerator codes, as well as the Mathematica programming environment and Python/PyQT for high-level software applications. I have experience in beam commissioning at all of the Daresbury accelerators including CLARA/VELA, ALICE/EMMA, and the SRS light source. I have also worked at DIAMOND, CESR-TA and the KEK-ATF accelerators. 

My current work is focused on the CLARA/VELA accelerators being commissioned and run at Daresbury. I am also involved in the industrial Compact Linac project, and am a technical liaison for several experimental proposals on CLARA and VELA.