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​I joined ASTeC in 2006 and work in the Accelerator Physics group in the area of photoinjectors and low energy electron beam dynamics, in addition to design and commissioning of electron accelerators at Daresbury Laboratory.

My current focus is on the RUEDI ( facility design. RUEDI will be the first UK based EPSRC National Facility for Relativistic Ultrafast Electron Diffraction & Imaging. I lead the technical design of the instrument, due to publish our conceptual design report at the end of 2022, and the technical design report at the end of 2023.

I also work on the VELA and CLARA electron accelerators at Daresbury. In these projects I have had have particular interest in electron diffraction, longitudinal diagnostics using transverse deflecting cavities, velocity bunching and high repetition rate photoinjectors. I was involved in the design of these accelerators from conception, and through the commissioning and operational stages, leading the commissioning programme before the last user run.

I have previously worked on the ALICE, 4GLS, NLS, MAX-IV, and radiotherapy treatment linac projects, in the design of electron guns, photoinjectors, diagnostic beamlines, and accelerator commissioning/operations.

I have been involved in scoping work for X-FELs for many years, and expect to contribute heavily to the design of the future UK-X-FEL, and any prototypes that may be required, especially for MHz repetition rate, ultra-high brightness photoinjectors.