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​I started my scientific career in surface and catalytic chemistry and have published over 50 papers in this field. Whilst working on the SRS I was funded to develop instrumentation to allow surface reactions to be studied under more realistic conditions than the UHV environment. This is important because the reactive surface relevant to a real catalytic reaction may be thermodynamically unstable and non-existent in UHV.


I joined the ASTeC MARS group  in 2011, working on the ALICE THz and IR-FEL sources, which have been exploited in a wide range of scientific applications. In the last few years the accelerator was funded exclusively for photon science exploitation through a University of Liverpool led consortium,


With colleagues at Daresbury and University College London I developed a facility for single shot electron diffraction with 4 MeV electrons on VELA. This is currently able to measure diffraction patterns on a few hundred fs timescale but simple modifications could allow this to be reduced to sub-100 fs, the timescale of molecular vibrations and the making and breaking of chemical bonds.

I initiated a joint programme with Imperial College using advanced computational methods (DFT) to model photocathode materials. Although not a theoretical chemist, I am enthusiastic about such methods being utilised to push technological developments.