FETS - Front End Test Stand
08 Mar 2017



FETS ​is a multi-purpose test stand for high power proton accelerator front end technologies.


​​​​​​​​​​​Front End Test Stand, S​TFC


​Applications include, but are not limited to, ISIS upgrades, future Spallation Neutron Sources, a Neutrino Factory, Muon Collider, Accelerator Driven Sub-critical Systems as well as exploitation of the low energy beam.

FETS consists of an H- ion source, magnetic low energy beam transport (LEBT), 324 MHz 4-vane Radio Frequency Quadrupole accelerator (RFQ), medium energy beam transport and chopper line (MEBT) and comprehensive diagnostics. ​


F​or further information please email AMICI@stfc.ac.uk

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