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I joined the MaRS group in September 2015 after completing a PhD in experimental physics at Swansea University. My previous research focused on harnessing coherent femtosecond laser-induced photo-electron emission from nanoscale structures to perform ultrafast time-resolved electron microscopy and diffraction. This included the design and construction of new scientific apparatus such as a novel spectrometer to record electron energy and momentum from solid sources, and an electron microscope capable of filming charge propagation on atomic timescales.  

Since joining STFC I have worked on the design of magnetic systems for controlling particle beams. This includes finite element modeling and practical design of steering magnets and field control systems for the accelerators at Daresbury as well as an innovative adjustable permanent magnet dipole prototype for CLIC at CERN.  I also perform measurements of new prototype magnets in the insertion device laboratory. I am currently involved in the design of permanent-magnet undulators for the CLARA free-electron laser.