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DL A22
​​​​​​​​Ben Shepherd has been a member of ASTeC's Magnetics and Radiation Sources (MaRS) group since 2002. His primary research interests are magnet systems for accelerators, and high-level software for accelerator control room operations. Ben is responsible for the magnetic measurement laboratory at Daresbury Laboratory, where many of the magnetic devices used on STFC's accelerators are built and tested.

He has made fundamental contributions to many of STFC's accelerator projects, including:

  • EMMA: designing the quadrupole magnets used in this complex non-scaling FFAG accelerator
  • ALICE: designing many of the applications used in the control room, commissioning and operating the machine.
  • Specification and procurement of magnets and undulators for the VELA and CLARA accelerators
  • Specification of magnets for the ELI-NP project
  • Design of ZEPTO, a new type of adjustable permanent magnet quadrupole for the CLIC project at CERN

Ben's published papers can be found on STFC's ePubs and at Google Scholar. His code contributions can be found on GitHub.​