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Joined ASTeC in 2006. 

Main scope of scientific interest covers low and intermediate energy beam physics, physics of electron emission, electron injectors, beam dynamic, beam diagnostic. 

Main responsibilities are scientific lead and management of projects and work packages related to development of electron injectors for accelerators. 

During that period participate in many internal - ERLP/ALICE, 4GLS, NLS, VELA, CLARA and different external projects, represent Daresbury Laboratory in the PITZ collaboration board. 

During previous scientific career worked in an industrial research centre; in Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation where contributed to development of Novosibirsk Phi-factory project, commissioning and operation of the BEP/VEPP-2M collider, designed beam delivery system for plasma wake field acceleration project, lead the project on development, construction, delivery and operation of Polarized Electron Source for Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher for NIKHEF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This project resulted in PhD at Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Later on worked for FOM Institute of Plasma Physics “Rijnhuizen” in Neuwegein, The Netherlands where participated in design and commissioning of Fusion Free Electron Maser (FEM), designed beam delivery system for FELIX/FELICE intracavity FEL.