Case Studies
02 Feb 2017



Read how businesses have worked with ASTeC to successfully address their R&D challenges.

Rapiscan Systems Eagle M60

​​​​​​​A​ccelerator science ​improving security screening, Rapiscan Systems


Improving the performance of cargo screening

Rapiscan Syste​ms​ is using ASTeC's unique particle accelerator facilities for innovative testing to improve the performance of systems that screen cargo for customs and security purposes.​

Strategic collaboration accele​rating innovation

Teledyne e2v has formed a strategic partnership with STFC that will advance the world’s next generation of particle accelerator technologies and bring exciting new opportunities for UK industry.

Testing of n​ext generation proton therapy system​

Advanced Oncotherapy has chosen STFC Daresbury Laboratory to assemble and test their next generation proton therapy system bringing advantages of reduced cost, timescales and risk.​

​​Enabling industrial access to high-value ​markets​​​

Shakespeare Engineering Ltd gained the necessary skills to access a new and significant manufacturing market as a direct result of working with ASTeC.​​​

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