04 Apr 2017



Design, simulation, commissioning and operation of particle accelerators and expertise in the advanced technologies that underpin these complex machines.​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Expertise in accelerat​ors and associated technologies


ASTeC offers end-to-end expertise in the science and technology of particle accelerators​ and works at the forefront of developments in the advanced technologies that underpin these complex systems. ASTeC has access to the wider resources and expertise of STFC, one of Europe’s largest multidisciplinary research organisations,​ and is part of an extensive network of national and international academic and research institutes​. ​

Areas of Expertise

  • Complete Accelerator System Design
    • Electron beam generation, acceleration and delivery​
  • Subsystem Design, Fabrication and Qualification
    • Electron beam dynamics
    • Magnet design, modelling and testing
    • Radio frequency (RF) technologies
    • Vacuum technologies, specialist coatings and material analysis
    • Control system technology
    • High performance power converter systems
    • Mechanical and electrical design
  • System Integration
    • Survey and alignment​
    • Sub-component testing
    • Mechanical and electrical services/installation
  • Radiation Shielded Enclosures
    • Bespoke enclosure design and build
    • Personal safety systems design and installation

​Contact Us​

Please contact the ASTeC Business Development Team to discuss how we can assist you in reaching your research and development ambitions.​

Anthony Gleeson:     07590 450356

Rachel James:      07542 028260​

Contact: Bradley, Julie (STFC,DL,AST)