02 Feb 2017



ASTeC works with clients from a wide range of industries including security, energy, healthcare, materials and advanced manufacturing, helping to bridge the gap between concept and marketable product.​​


​​ASTeC works with a wide range of industries



Particle accelerators are at the heart of security inspection solutions. From the baggage and body scanners that we encounter at airports, to large container and vehicle inspection facilities designed to prevent illicit cargo such as explosives, narcotics and radioactive materials crossing a country’s borders. Security inspection system manufacturers are constantly challenged to find new solutions that address tomorrow’s security threats while meeting the increasing demands of travellers, transport companies and security agencies to deliver solutions that improve security without increasing cost or impacting journey times. Read ​how Rapiscan Systems​ worked with ASTeC to perform innovative proof-of-concept testing to develop new technologies for future products.​

​"The skills and technology that we developed during our time at Daresbury Laboratory made a major impact on our company at a critical time. Without it, we would not have attracted any further investment, and in all likelihood we would have had to dissolve as a company"  Dr. Ed Morton,Technical Director of Rapiscan Systems​​​​

Manufacturing & Processing

It’s estimated that particle accelerators are used in the production and preparation of more than US$500B worth of products annually. Applications as diverse as polymer cross-linking where electron beams modify material properties, electron beam machining that is used in industries such as aerospace and the nuclear industry, ink curing on food packaging and the sterilisation of food and medical products.​ Learn how Shakespeare Engineering Ltd gained the necessary skills to access a new and significant manufacturing market as a direct result of working with ASTeC.​​​

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"The work with STFC has pushed our boundaries – we’ve invested in new specialised equipment and employed another nine skilled mechanical engineers. It has given us the confidence to start up our own R&D programmes to equip the business for the future – this is something we wouldn’t have done on our own without STFC. Knowledge transfer projects such as this are enabling us to position ourselves to compete on the global stage." Neil Shakespeare, CEO of Shakespeare Engineering Ltd​.

Energy & Environment

Accelerators play an important role in the energy sector and in helping us to provide a cleaner environment. For example, accelerators can be used to reduce the amount of harmful gasses emitted by traditional thermal power stations. Electron-beam irradiation has proved effective in water treatment for many applications such as purifying drinking water, cleaning industrial waste water and also creating ultra-pure water for manufacturing.

Medicine & Healthcare

Around the world each year, tens of millions of patients receive accelerator-based diagnoses and therapy. Radiation therapy using  particle beams is a highly effective method for treating cancer patients. Accelerators are also used in the diagnosis of cancer. For example, here at ASTeC, the ALICE accelerator has helped develop new techniques for earlier diagnosis of prostate, cervical and oesophageal cancer.

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