CLARA receives a major boost from SwissFEL
06 Mar 2015





ASTeC has recently taken delivery of three linear accelerators and a number of focussing magnets for the CLARA project. All of this equipment has been supplied by the SwissFEL project at Paul Scherrer Institute under an official agreement with STFC.
(Credit: Jim Clarke, STFC)

The agreement states that “PSI & STFC have agreed to work on a Joint Experimental Programme on the CLARA FEL Test Facility once it is operational. The Programme will test new ideas and concepts aimed at improving the performance of short wavelength FELs in general and which will be directly applicable to the SwissFEL facility in particular.” The accelerating modules are essential to enable CLARA to reach its design energy of 250 MeV. The first phase of CLARA will be installed in 2015 with first electron beams being generated in early 2016.