Congratulations on ALICE Lasing
06 May 2014





Following an extended shutdown,  the ALICE infrared Free Electron Laser (FEL) is operating again. Within just a few days of re-establishing energy recovery the system lased. This tunable FEL light source  covers the “fingerprint” region of molecular vibrations in biomolecules and will be used in a programme of medical research funded by EPSRC.  The research consortium is led by Peter Weightman from Liverpool University and includes researchers from University of Manchester, Lancaster University and University of Cardiff and clinicians from The Christie Hospital, The Royal Liverpool Hospital and Royal Lancaster Infirmary. The high repetition rate of the FEL provides a high overall intensity during 100 microsecond bursts of light but we can keep the peak power low to avoid sample damage. These light characteristics are well suited to sub-diffraction microspectroscopy of tissue and will enable a critical evaluation of various diagnostic techniques for cancers.