21 Jun 2011






High current ERL cryomoule development

The ALICE Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) facility at Daresbury Laboratory and the high current ERL injector at Cornell University will allow for the development of various cutting-edge systems which are particularly important to ERL applications, and also relevant to singe-pass Free Electron Laser configurations. One such area for investigation is for the design of a generic cavity/cryomodule system which is capable of delivering the required continuous wave RF power, whilst also being able to cope with the induced higher order modes and provide stable acceleration by minimising its microphonics sensitivity.

More scientific details of the project can be found in a conference paper (link opens in a new window) at the European Particle Accelerator Conference in Edinburgh 2006. A recent update can be found in a conference paper  (PDF - link opens in a new window)at the International Particle Accelerator Conference in New Orleans 2012.

5 collaborating institutes

Cryomodule goals

Design requirements

  • Eacc > 20 MV/m @ Qo > 1010
  • Qext ˜ 1 x 107 to 1 x 108
  • Couplers capable of up to 25 kW CW SW
  • Large HOM damping capability

Issues to be resolved include:

  • Effective HOM damping (up to 200W/cavity)
  • Microphonics sensitivity (< 25 Hz peak)
  • Fast tuning (microphonics compensation)
  • Input power delivery (25 kW CW SW)
  • Cryomodule design (< 2.5 W static loss)  

Cryomodule evolution