Daresbury supports the US Proton Improvement Plan Project at Fermilab
02 Apr 2019



A team of accelerator science and technology experts at STFC’s Daresbury Laboratory are to play a major role in the development of PIP-II – a giant proton beam particle accelerator being created at America’s Fermilab.


​PIP II groundbreaking ceremony.

(Credit: Fermilab)

The Daresbury Laboratory experts will provide superconducting Radio Frequency (RF) cavities and assembled cryomodules.

An RF cavity is a metallic chamber that contains an electromagnetic field. Its primary purpose is to accelerate charged particles. The cavities for PIP-II are to be made from very high purity Niobium material, cooled to cryogenic temperatures (a chilly -150˚c or less) to accelerate particles to almost the speed of light. The cryomodules will keep them at the correct operating temperature.

Daresbury Laboratory is renowned for its world-class accelerator expertise, and the work for PIP-II will be performed as part of the UK’s £65 million investment in Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF)/DUNE and PIP-II.


You can read more about PIP-II on the STFC website

Contact: Keeley-Adamson, Michelle (STFC,DL,AST)