EUCARD-2 Innovative RF Technologies Annual Review
22 Apr 2014






Peter McIntosh chaired the first EUCARD-2 Innovative RF Technologies Workpackage Annual Review, which was hosted at CEA Saclay from 16 – 17 April 2014.

The meeting gave the opportunity for each of the 13 collaborating institutes to present progress in fields encompassing; SRF thin film and high gradient normal conducting technologies, advanced HOM beam diagnostics and RF photocathodes. Tim Noakes gave an overview of the new surface preparation and analysis infrastructure recently implemented at Daresbury, which will support the development of high performance metallic photocathodes.

The meeting also gave participants the opportunity to witness activities ongoing at CEA Saclay, such as the XFEL cryomodule delivery, ESS cryomodule development and SRF preparation infrastructure.

Further details for the review meeting (link opens in a new window) can be found here.