Early Stage Research Workshop
23 Jul 2015






On 3 July ASTeC ran a highly successful one day workshop to enable early-stage researchers to showcase their work. Presentations were given by researchers involved in small and mid-scale research activities, whether ASTeC staff or PhD students with ASTeC support or supervision. Each session took only 20 minutes, including questions from the audience, and the award of a Student Prize at the end of the day added to a sense of friendly competition.

Chaired by Dr Steve Jamison (link opens in a new window), ASTeC Diagnostics and Lasers Group Leader, delegates heard 13 highly stimulating talks ranging from “Developing Superconducting PVD Coatings for Particle Accelerator RF Cavities” to “Mode-Locked Afterburner FEL”.

The workshop provided the opportunity for a wider ‘overview-with-depth’ of smaller scale research activities, particularly where there were opportunities for work to be enlarged or integrated into bigger R&D programmes.

Steve Jamison chaired the eventAfter careful consideration by the management team, Professor Susan Smith, Head of Daresbury Laboratory, awarded the Student Prize to Bruno Camino from Imperial College for “Predicting Quantum Efficiency to Aid Photocathode Research”.

Commenting on the day Steve Jamison said, “The high-quality presentations covered an array of research in cutting-edge accelerator science and technology, and excelled in sharing a wider perspective of the field of accelerator research. We will certainly consider repeating the exercise in coming years”.