EnEfficient RF Sources Workshop
11 Jun 2014






The first EnEfficient RF Sources workshop took place at the Cockcroft Institute on the 3-4th June. Over 40 delegates took part in the 2 day workshop including 18 speakers presenting the state of the art (and beyond) of RF sources for accelerators.

In the past the achievement of performance goals such as beam energy, beam power or other qualifying beam parameters were the primary objectives for accelerator development. With the advanced technologies available today it is often well known how such goals can be achieved, and now the efficient and cost effective utilization of electrical power gets increasingly into focus. For accelerators with high beam power the conversion efficiency from grid to beam is of utmost importance, e.g. ESS, ILC, CLIC, LHeC.

This workshop, opened by Dr Erk Jensen (CERN), covered advances and experience in Klystrons, IOTs, Magnetrons, Tetrodes and high power SSA systems. New techniques, approaches and experience were presented which covered the point of view of the academic, the operator/customer and the source manufacturer.

The workshop was organised and chaired by Dr Chris Lingwood (Lancaster University) along with the programme committee: Morten Jensen (ESS), Roger Ruber (Uppsala University ) and Igor Syratchev (CERN). This workshop was part of the EnEfficient EuCARD2 work package and all talks are accessible through the workshop home page (link opens in a new window).

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