EuroCirCol Project Kick-Off
09 Jun 2015




A meeting at CERN initiated the EC-funded component of the Future Circular Collider study to develop a conceptual design for an energy-frontier hadron collider


The EuroCirCol event at CERN between 2-4 June brought together 62 participants to help kick off the project (link opens in a new window), which includes a 2.99 million Euro contribution from the Horizon 2020 programme on developing new world-class research infrastructures.

The 4 year project involves 16 institutions from 10 countries, including STFC and the Universities of Liverpool and Oxford from the UK. Technical work packages include the development of collider lattice and beam optics, novel cryogenic beam vacuum systems and the study of a viable design for a 16 Tesla accelerator magnet.

EuroCirCol has a goal of conceiving a post-LHC research infrastructure around a 100 km circular energy-frontier hadron collider, capable of reaching 100 TeV collisions. It is envisaged it will encourage further collaboration between the particle physics light source communities, provide opportunities to improve existing synchrotron radiation facilities, and to reduce the cost and improve performance of fourth- and fifth-generation light sources.

Further details can be found here (link opens in a new window).