FameRAL - A year on placement... in 3 minutes!
23 Jun 2020



Inspired by FameLab by Cheltenham Festivals, in 2020 STFC hosted 'FameRAL' its own version of the event: a science communication competition for the 2019/20 cohort of sandwich students.




Organised by Rosie de Laune (ISIS), the students were invited to submit a video of them presenting for three minutes on a scientific, engineering, mathematical, or medical topic of their choice, ideally related to the work they have been doing as part of their placement.

All seventy STFC and Diamond sandwich students were invited to a training session, run by Rosie, in how to structure and present such a talk. This had to be done using Zoom, rather than in person, as it was planned for early April after site had closed. The students were then given a few weeks to record a video in their own time, using no PowerPoint slides, and only props they could carry.

The submissions were excellent, and came from students based in ISIS, CLF, PPD, RAL Space, ASTeC, SPC and Programmes. The videos were then shared with a team of ten judges from across the STFC departments, who watched all the submitted videos, and scored them based on the content, clarity and charisma:

  • Content: The content of the presentations MUST be accurate and explain a scientific, technological, engineering or mathematical concept. 
  • Clarity: Clarity is critical for effective science communication. The structure of the talk is important, as well as making sure the audience and judges can follow the talk and are left with an understanding of the scientific concept chosen.
  • Charisma: The audience and judges should be left inspired and enthused about science.

The judges were very impressed with the entries:

“Those were great – I really enjoyed watching”

“Well that was very enjoyable!”

“Love everyone’s enthusiasm!”

“This has been jointly scored by my family who all watched and had an input into the judging :- )"

After the scores were in, there emerged a clear winner, with five others with very similar scores, who were awarded a “Highly Commended”.

Overall winner (SPC): Ellie Williams

Highly Commended (RAL Space): Domantas Dilys

Highly Commended (Scientific Computing): Evelyn Greeves

Highly Commended (CLF): Churk Chung

Highly Commended (ASTeC): Marta Furmaniak

Highly Commended (ISIS):Isobel Adamyk

Congratulations to Marta Furmaniak from ASTeC for being "Highly Commended" on her entry.​ Watch it below:


The rest of the videos are also available on the STFC YouTube channel for you to watch.

Thanks to the efforts of the students and the judges,. This year’s challenge has been a great success and it will definitely be repeated for the incoming 2020/21 cohort of students.


Contact: Diakun, Joseph (STFC,DL,AST)