Femtosecond Lasers and Timing



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Led by Edward Snedden, the engineers and scientists of the FLT group apply their expertise in ultrafast laser systems, optics and electronics in the development of advanced accelerator technology.

The group is principally responsible for laser and optical systems in the CLARA FEL test facility and VELA particle accelerator, while leading research activities in the areas of: 

  • Terahertz generation and detection 
  • Laser-driven particle acceleration 
  • Electronic and optical femtosecond phase synchronization 
  • High resolution particle beam diagnostics

The group has strong ties to Manchester University and Lancaster University and promotes academic collaboration in addressing the complex challenges of next-generation particle accelerators.   The group also directly contributes towards leading international programmes including UK-FEL and the CERN Compact Linear International Collider. 

 For further information on the group and its activities, please contact Edward Snedden .  All group publications can be found in the ePublication Archive