First Engineering Meeting on the Development of Crab Cavities for HiLumi LHC
19 Dec 2012






STFC, in collaboration with the University of Lancaster, is currently leading an international design effort to develop Compact Crab Cavities as a part of the major upgrade project “Hi-Lumi-LHC (link opens in a new window)” (High Luminosity LHC) for improving the luminosity performance of LHC, aiming to L=5x1034cm-2s-1 in a period of 10 to 12 years after the upgrade in 2022.

In order to evaluate the performance of these cavities a prototype cryomodule will be developed, installed and tested on SPS at CERN in 2015-16. The first global engineering meeting (link opens in a new window) was held at the Fermi lab on 13 and 14 December 2012 to discuss and establish the requirement of these tests.

Shrikant Pattalwar (ASTeC), Tom Jones (Technology) and Graeme Burt (Cockcroft Institute and University of Lancaster) participated in the meeting and presented their ideas and concepts on the Crab Cavity cryomodule.