First UK In-Kind Contribution to ESS
26 Feb 2015




A team from DL recently visited the European Spallation Source (ESS) for a final design review of the first UK In-Kind Contribution to ESS

The programme, led by the ASTeC Vacuum Science Group, is on schedule for delivery in July 2015 to meet ESS programme requirements.

The £1 million pound UK In-Kind Contribution will deliver state of the art world class vacuum facilities to allow the ESS vacuum group to conduct a programme of innovative research that will help make key design choices for the ESS.  The four work packages to be delivered are:

  1. Outgassing Facility – Key requirement for ESS material choices
  2. Calibration Facility – Important for ESS to make key vacuum diagnostic choices
  3. Vacuum Integration Facility – Critical for ESS to test ESS components offline prior to installation
  4. Particle Test Facility – Critical requirement as ESS is a ‘particle free’ accelerator

The ASTeC vacuum science group has an excellent reputation internationally and this led ESS to approach the group two years ago for advice and assistance with the ESS vacuum design. As a result of the UK’s commitment to ESS this relationship has since developed further and allowed identification of a number of vacuum/mechanical engineering projects that STFC can deliver for ESS.

ESS are delighted with the progress made so far with the first UK In Kind Contribution, Peter Ladd (ESS Vacuum Section Leader) has described the relationship as “fantastic” and recognises STFC Daresbury Laboratory capabilities and what it can deliver.