Hector Mauricio
Castaneda Cortes
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I am a Colombian Physicist. I got my PhD in Physics from the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, Germany. My research work was focused on interaction between coherent light and nuclear alpha emitters with medium masses and alpha particle recollision after spontaneous emission in the presence of a laser field. Afterwards, I worked at different companies as a Metrology Design Engineer and as Software Test Engineer, before joining ASTeC in September 2015.

My main area of interest is the physics of free-electron lasers, which is the main topic of my work. I assisted to the International Linear Collider School that took place in Whistler, Canada (October 26th, 2015 up to November 6th, 2015). My current projects involve the simulation and optimization of undulator parameters that can affect the performance of a Free Electron Laser depending on its design by using the Genesis Free Electron Laser simulation Software.


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