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Hywel currently leads a highly experienced and talented group of accelerator physicists (APs) responsible for the understanding and development of new particle accelerator infrastructure across the diverse range of research needs that STFC seeks to fulfil. Amongst the projects listed on our group site, a few initiatives during 2023 are to deliver the Technical Design Report for RUEDI, to progress studies for a UK Free-Electron Laser and to develop designs for an Ion Therapy Research Facility, all of which have benefited from recent Infrastructure Fund allocations. Hywel is responsible for overseeing the contributions our AP group scientists make across our project commitments, and to effectively collaborate with our many partners that include industry and academia. Our group presently numbers 15 full-time staff and 10 PhD students.

As well as his management responsibilities, Hywel maintains personal research interests in synchrotron radiation, inverse Compton scattering and particle therapy. He has published quite widely in a number of areas related to particle accelerator physics and nuclear technology.

After completing an undergraduate physics degree at Manchester University, Hywel completed a PhD in condensed matter physics ​before first joining STFC Daresbury Laboratory in 1994. After working primarily on development and upgrades for the UK Synchrotron Radiation Source and significant design work on the present DIAMOND Synchrotron and other light sources, Hywel spent around 12 years working as an academic researcher in particle accelerator and nuclear reactor science at Manchester University before returning to Daresbury Laboratory in 2020. During his tenure as an academic, Hywel undertook the training of 14 PhD students and ran the Cockcroft Institute's postgraduate education and recruitment programme. One outcome was the co-authorship of a standard postgraduate textbook for the field, which is freely downloadable:
The Science and Technology of Particle Accelerators (Amazon)/(Routledge)/(OAPEN/SCOAP3)

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