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Dr. Nirav Joshi joined FLT group at ASTeC in January 2018 as an electronics/RF engineer. 

Nirav finished his undergraduate and master studies in physics in India. He joined the Institute for Plasma Research, a national institute developing nuclear fusion program using magnetically confined plasma, where he developed RF/microwave systems to study plasma temperature, density and plasma fluctuations.  

Nirav finished his PhD research in 2013, from John Adams Institute, Royal Holloway University of London, as a Marie Curie Fellow, where he developed cavity beam position monitor system on the proposed CLIC accelerator at CERN. He also developed signal processing techniques to remove signal pollution from closely spaced bunches, eliminating requirement for extremely low Q cavities, and problems associated with them.  Nirav then worked as a postdoctoral fellow with University of Manchester, where he developed generalized scattering matrix-based method to simulate RF characteristics in a very large cavity structures, such as HOMs in a chain of eight third harmonic superconducting cavities on European XFEL.   

At ASTeC, he is analyzing the stability of RF systems on CLARA, and the impact on beam jitter. He has developed CLARA RF stability test system (CRFSTS), to down convert and record various RF pickups. He is also developing a plant model for RF systems, which uses different correlation and machine learning techniques on recorded data to predicts jitter and drifts and identify their sources. ​