Optical Metrology Laboratory
02 Dec 2010




Optical Metrology Laboratory

Ocean Optics LTP-V

Surface metrology has always been critical to the performance of optical components in challenging science areas, such as synchrotrons. The advent of FEL-based sources has put even more demands on the surface quality of optics, requiring the preservation of coherence, polarization and pulse length within multiple micron-sized beams. As we move towards ever-smaller beam sizes the requirement for comprehensive in-house metrology facilities has became more pressing.

A detailed understanding of surface metrology is desirable not only for final acceptance tests, but also much earlier in the system design, specification and procurement process. It can also be used to optimise the real world performance of the delivered component through feedback into the modelling process and accurate set up of the completed optical assembly. Since no suitable service mode facility exists, an investment in on-site metrology has been made at Daresbury Laboratory to aid component acceptance and to develop understanding in the field that will underpin emerging technological developments.

The Optical Metrology Laboratory has been constructed in the old NINA Linac tunnel in a custom built, fully air conditioned, clean room. Current facilities available include a long trace profilometer (LPT-V), an atomic force microscope (DME with motorized stage), an interferometric microscope (ADE MicroXAM) and a MiniFIZ-100 fizeau interferometer.

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DME Atomic Force Microscope
ADE MicroXAM Interferometric Microscope
MiniFIZ-100 Fizeau Interferometer