Applying Electron Beams for Water Treatment and Reuse
04 Aug 2020
- Caroline Wood, University of Sheffield



With supplies of clean, safe, fresh water becoming a critical priority globally, pilot studies funded through the @TechFoodNetwork are helping to find an effective and faster approach to purifying industrial waste water for reuse in agriculture.

Scoping project team (University of Surrey and STFC Daresbury) working at the Compact Linac facility, STFC Daresbury laboratory

​Across the world, many communities are already experiencing increasing droughts due to climate change. As the global population increases, securing enough supplies of clean, safe freshwater is a critical priority and using our current resources more efficiently needs to be part of this. Since farming is one of the largest consumers of freshwater, reusing waste water within agriculture could have a significant impact, however existing techniques are limited and difficult to apply at scale. But exciting pilot studies funded through the STFC Food Network+ are already bearing fruit – quite literally – in finding an alternative approach.


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Contact: Diakun, Joseph (STFC,DL,AST)