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​​​​​I am currently acting as temporary head of the Accelerator Physics Group until a permanent appointee is in place.

Within the Accelerator Physics group my primary role is to lead the development of photocathodes for photoinjectors used in next generation electron accelerators. This project involves expanding our expertise in the growth of photocathode materials and the establishment of test equipment to characterise them. Current facilities include a low energy test facility to measure the intrinsic emittance of photocathode materials at room and low temperature and surface analysis facilities to characterise the composition and morphology of candidate materials and preparation procedures; a new system for producing alkali telluride photocathodes is under construction.

In addition to research into photocathode materials I am also responsible for the delivery of production photocathodes for the VELA and CLARA accelerators. Photocathode preparation is carried out using a dedicated preparation facility that can prepare photocathode pucks that are able to be transferred into the RF guns under an ultra-high vacuum environment. This facility also provides the ability to produce and test novel photocathodes for in-accelerator testing.

In addition to working on photocathodes I also play a role in the development of the VELA/CLARA facilities, including the new high repetition rate photoinjector. As part of the commissioning, I have responsibility for the measurement of momentum, momentum spread and dispersion along the accelerator. In addition, I act as Technical Co-ordinator for user exploitation experiments on the VELA/CLARA machine.

Prior to transferring to ASTeC, I was manager of mid-range facilities at Daresbury Laboratory, which included the national centre for electron spectroscopy and surface analysis (NCESS) and the medium energy ion scattering facility (MEIS). Before that I had been a support scientist on the MEIS facility, which I helped to build and commission when I joined the laboratory in 1995.  

​Before joining the laboratory I completed a Ph.D. in Surface Physics at the University of Warwick sponsored by AEA Technology Ltd, having previously obtained an M.Sc. in Surface Science and Technology from Loughborough University of Technology and a B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry from Brunel University. I have also worked at Coventry Polytechnic as a research assistant investigating diffusion in II-VI semiconductors and for the Malaysian Government carrying out research into the applications of Natural Rubber.