About Us



​​​​​The Accelerator Science and Technology Centre (ASTeC) was created in 2001 as a Centre of Excellence for study of the production, acceleration and delivery of charged particle beams.

Our Centre was born out of decades of advanced particle accelerator research and development within the STFC national labs at Daresbury and Harwell, delivering internationally leading large-scale science facilities. This included the operation of the SRS synchrotron radiation facilities, supporting the delivery of research toward three Nobel prizes. 

Charged particle accelerators are at the heart of numerous frontier projects in science and technology, including large scale international research facilities for particle and nuclear physics and major UK centres such as synchrotron sources for neutrons and photons. Alternative but much smaller solutions apply to medical and industrial applications. Technologies associated with all modern applications of charged particle beams continue to evolve and demand associated R&D programmes to be pursued.

Staff from ASTeC have expertise in all aspects from design through construction to commissioning. In addition to specifically selected accelerator projects we are engaged in an ongoing programme of world class research and development studies.

ASTeC is a partner in the Cockcroft Institute, together with the universities of LancasterLiverpool, Manchester and Strathclyde. We also have strong collaborative links with the John Adams Institute, many other universities and with overseas institutions.


Further details about us can be found on the STFC website.​​