Mission and Vision
15 Mar 2017



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Our mission​, “Making a Brighter Future through Advanced Accelerators" emphasises that our research and development in particle accelerators is aimed at delivering societal benefits. We do this both directly and indirectly, through scientific research delivered nationally and internationally at the facilities we underpin. We maximise the impact of our research by applying our expertise and knowhow in other areas such as health, security, environment, energy and industrial manufactur​ing.

To deliver this mission requires that our scientists and engineers innovate, driving accelerator technologies beyond the state of the art. We are currently leading the development of the CLARA test facility which will demonstrate novel FEL techniques that will enable access to unprecedented short pulsed x-rays to UK scientist in the future.  Through such advances, by pushing the boundaries of technology, we aim to deliver our vision of “accelerators in a new light".

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Contact: Keeley-Adamson, Michelle (STFC,DL,AST)