02 Feb 2017



ASTeC operates a wide range of cutting-edge R&D facilities which are available to help industry meet its research and development goals.


​​VELA - ​Versatile Electron Linear Accelerator


​Versatile Electron Linear Accelerator (VELA)

VELA is a high performance, modular injector facility capable of delivering a highly stable, highly customisable, short pulse, high quality electron beam to a series of test enclosures. This test facility delivers a capability for the cutting edge development and qualification of advanced accelerator systems, enabling industry to expedite their technology development from prototypes to market ready products and has the potential to help revolutionise the use of accelerators in priority areas such as healthcare, security, energy, industrial processing and the environment.

Compact Linac

The Compact Linac is an innovative and highly compact 1 MeV X-ray source​ developed to investigate the potential of small, low-energy linacs  to be utilised in application areas such as security applications and non-destructive testing. The highly characterised electron beam can be utilised horizontally, or deflected through 45 degrees for use with liquid samples. 


​​The EBLab 200 provides an easy way to test out new applications for electron beams in manufacturing processes such as polymer processing, ink curing and surface sterilisation. The self-shielded 200 keV system is highly flexible and easy to use, and typically provides rapid, cost-effective demonstration of concepts and processing parameter selection.


The EBEngine employs similar hardware to the EBLab system, but utilising an external shielded enclosure. This provides enhanced opportunities for testing larger samples and industrial-scale processing plant. 

Test Laboratories

ASTeC have developed an extensive range of laboratories and infrastructure to support the development, construction and operation of its accelerator facilities. This includes areas such as high-field magnets, superconductivity, high-power RF, lasers, charged beam diagnostics, coatings and materials science. These world-class facilities are available for use by industry to help assist with their technology development needs.​

Radiation Shielded Enclosures

Fully radiation shielded enclosures are immediately available or can be designed and built to meet your specific needs. Rigorous personal safety systems and safety management rules are implemented to cover all aspects during construction, testing and operation of these facilities. ​​​

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