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15 Mar 2017




Professor Susan Smith Welcomes you to ASTeC


​​​​​​​ASTeC Director & Head of Daresbury Laboratory, Professor Susan Smith.​​

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Welcome to the Accelerator Science and Technology Centre. We have designed our site to provide background on the programmes and capabilities, and provide news and updates related to the ongoing activities of our Centre. I hope that our website provides you with the information you are seeking.

ASTeC has had a major role in both of the UK's accelerator-based national facilities. We led the design of the Diamond light Source, making a major contribution to its delivery, studied and optimised the Dual Harmonic Acceleration system increasing the power of the ISIS neutron source and we make major contributions to overseas facilities that are used by UK researchers. 

Within the UK we have unique laboratory facilities supporting our R&D activities in the major technologies associated with accelerator developments such as vacuum and RF. We apply these facilities to the advancement of accelerator are delivered through extensive collaborations with other international accelerator laboratories and academia.

Our innovative discoveries in vacuum material development may play a significant role in supporting the high luminosity upgrade of the LHC at CERN. We are also making large project deliveries to the extreme light source nuclear physics facility (ELI-NP) under construction in Romania and the European Spallation source in Sweden.

Our field relies on advanced technical and scientific skills which are in short supply nationally and internationally.  To inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, we undertake a wide range of outreach activities and are proud to open our doors to a range of students. From offering work experience to those at high school, employing interns and summer students, providing an environment for year in industry sandwich students through to supervising and supporting graduate students as part of their doctoral studies, we pride ourselves on the work we do to inspire and nurture brilliant minds.

Through my 30 odd year career in accelerators, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying a variety of accelerators from particle colliders, the biggest man-made machines, to compact industry oriented accelerators. I hope that you enjoy visiting our website to find out more about particle accelerators and the work of the centre.​

If you wish to know more, please contact us. 

Susan Smith Director of ASTeC, Head of Daresbury Laboratory (STFC)​


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