AMICI - Accelerator and Magnet Infrastructure for Cooperation and Innovation




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The goal of the AMICI H2020 project is to foster innovation in the field of particle accelerators and superconducting magnets and to facilitate industrialization by creating an open and globally available Technology Infrastructure for European Industry to use. The infrastructure will be formed by integrating European technological facilities originally developed to support the construction of the most advanced European Research Infrastructures like LHC, E-XFEL, ITER, etc.​

​The AMICI Innovation-related activities aim at transferring the knowledge and know-how of research laboratories to industry and creating new products and new applications of direct benefit to society. For that purpose, Industry will access a pool of technical platforms made available by European Research Institutes such as test beam facilities, cryogenics, magnet and RF facilities and test benches, laboratories for material analysis and vacuum technology, for chemistry and surface characterization, for beam electronics and instrumentation, clean rooms and assembly halls including the equipment and the associated human expertise.​​

For STFC these facilities inclu​de: