Accelerator Physics
22 Mar 2010



The Accelerator Physics Group, led by Hywel Owen, is able to model the behaviour of charged particle beams in accelerators and transport systems, including aspects of nonlinear beam dynamics.




​The accelerator physics group have expertise in design, beam dynamics studies and operation of a range of electron accelerators. Since ASTeC was formed the accelerator physics group has contributed to a large number of projects including large international particle physics projects, synchrotron radiation sources, free electron lasers, novel accelerator science projects, and commercial and industrial projects. The group have performed a wide range of tasks on these projects and have skills and experience through the entire life cycle of accelerator design and operation. These tasks include: design and simulations of beam generation, acceleration and transport starting from electron sources and injectors through accelerator structures and beam delivery lines to final beam users (such as FELs and others); construction and experimental commissioning of entire machines and their components both in the UK and abroad; scientific studies of beam properties and accelerator physics topics; scientific support and delivery of commercial accelerator facilities.

At present, a principal focus of the accelerator physics group is the design, commissioning and operation of the VELA (Versatile Electron Linear Accelerator) and CLARA (Compact Linear Accelerator for Research and Applications) at STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

Key Project Areas of the group:

-Accelerator Physics design of VELA, CLARA and future UK X-FEL facility.

-Research and development of advanced electron sources (in collaboration with the Vacuum and RF groups) including: photocathode science and technology; design/development of DC and RF photoinjectors.

-Scientific studies of the physics of accelerated beams in both experiments and simulations, on collective effects such as cathode physics, beam non-uniformities, recirculating machine design, longitudinal transport and bunch compression.

- Contributions to accelerator commissioning of international facilities, for example CBETA, a collaboration between Cornell University and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Legacy Projects and Achievements:

-Accelerator physics design and commissioning of the ALICE machine, Europe's first free electron laser driven by an energy recovery accelerator (and the UK's first free electron laser).

-Accelerator physics design and commissioning, operation and study of EMMA the novel acceleration machine at STFC Daresbury laboratory – the first machine of its kind in the world.

-Design of the accelerator physics of past, present and future UK light source projects including DIAMOND light source, 4GLS (4th Generation Light Source) and NLS (New Light Source).

-Contributions to the design of large international projects including the International Linear Collider, Collimation for the SwissFEL, and the Max IV Linac.

-Contributions to accelerator commissioning worldwide including the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF2) in Japan, End Station A at the Stanford Linear Acce lerator, High Luminosity LHC experiments at CERN, SwissFEL and FERMI@Elettra.

Group Staff



Current associates of the group include:

Prof. Elaine Seddon, University of Manchester/Cockcroft Institute.

Current PHD Students in the group include:

Peregrin Van Den Elzen (University of Manchester and NPL, supervised by Deepa Angal-Kalinin, Roger Jones and Anna Subiel).

Andrew Potter (University of Liverpool, supervised by Frank Jackson and Andy Wolski)

Liam Soomary (University of Liverpool, supervised by Lee Jones and Carsten Welsch)

Victor Chang (Imperial College, supervised by Tim Noakes and Nick Harrison)

Chris Benjamin (University of Warwick, supervised by Tim Noakes and Gavin Bell)

Gustavo Perez-Segurana (​University of Lancaster, supervis​ed by Peter Williams and Ian Bailey)

Joe Crone (University of Manchester, supervised by Bruno Muratori and Hywel Owen)

Michael Sullivan (University of Manchester, supervised by Duncan Scott and Roger Jones) 

Hannah Norman (University of Manchester, supervised by Rob Appleby and Hywel Owen)

​Adam Steinberg (University of Manchester, supervised by Rob Appleby and Hywel Owen)

Jacob Kelly (University of Manchester, supervised by Hywel Owen and Will Bertsche)

Past PhD Students in the group include:

David Pavel Juárez López (University of Liverpool, supervised by Lee Jones and Carsten Welsch)​

Kay Dewhurst (University of Manchester, supervised by Bruno Muratori and Hywel Owen)

Past staff members in the group include:

Alex Brynes

Lydia Hall


The accelerator physics group by the CLARA accelerator at Daresbury Laboratory. ​​

Contact: Bradley, Julie (STFC,DL,AST)